Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mostly Mediocre, and Blinding Brilliance

The Best, golden and shining:

 Future Islands, Tin Man

This was the highlight of my day, even though I have heard it a thousand times, and love this band, their songs always catch me, make me stop, and listen.  And the video, Wow!  I'm pretty sure it's about the bands relocation from eastern NC to Baltimore, but I could be wrong.

The not so good:

So, most of the music was a little on the mediocre side, with some great moments here and there (Lonny Walker, Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies, Metric), but of all the mediocrity that annoyed me, not necessarily that i hated it, was this cute little song, that problems thousands loved:

Hafdis Huld, Robot, Robot

The problem, for me, is that Dresden Dolls, Coin Operated Boy, is a MUCH better and more interesting take on automated partners, that came out a few years before Ms. Huld's cuteness

Monday, February 18, 2013

Short day, short list

The good:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space" - Spiritualized

Another 90's song, but from an incredible album, love this guys rapturous choir of noise and sound...other songs

The bad:

Xiu Xiu  -"Dear God, I Hate Myself"

I really, really want to like this music, but after reading interviews with the man behind this sound, I just can't bring myself to enjoy it...a little too cut up, pretentious, and disjointed at times...the video says a lot

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Covers, really?

From Friday, while I was getting ready to head to Raleigh, NC, to teach a workshop at Pullen Arts Center, on altering pots and approaches to ceramic surfaces.

The best:

Polvo, "Bombs Fall From Your Eyes"

Polvo, great band, from the golden days of 90's indie rock, doing what they do best

Not so great covers:

Cassis Orange, "Some Guys Have All The Luck"

So, a fairly decent cover, especially compared to the Museum Mouth one:

Museum Mouth, "Maps"

But, really, it seems artist would want to really reinterpret a song, which happens a little bit with Cassis Orange, but Museum Mouth, who can make some great music, really just redid a near perfect song, almost verbatim, but without the sensuality and feeling of the wonderous Karen O.

But nowhere near the horrendous decision of Stars to remake "This Charming Man", a perfect as perfect can be Smiths song, that suffers defilement at the hands of the Stars crew

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today, the good and the bad

Today, musically, was a fairly mediocre day.

The best I heard:

Screaming Females, Sheep

fairly biased here, love love love the Screaming Females, every song features changes, and interesting lyrics, so maybe unfair, but definitely the best

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan, Come Undone

great song, love their voices, love Belle and Sebastian, love Mark Lanegan post-Screaming Trees, nuff said

The worst:

 I Was Totally Destroying It, no matter what the song, would have been the ringer, then I heard this song:

Jeremy Gilchrist,  "The Revolutionary",  music was okay, maybe, but the lyrics bore down on me in the worst of waste of air and space and thought



So, those of you who know me, know that I have opinions about music.  Some might say "opinionated", some might say "snobbery".  After ranting and railing to myself, for some misinformed and unfortunate reason, I decided to start this blog.  Partly inspired by Patty Bilbro and her "Time to Make the Doughnuts" blog, featuring music she is listening to while she is making pots, I decided it was high time to get the voices out of my head.  Mostly it's about my reactions, gut reactions and some informed conclusions, about the music I hear on the one radio station I tend to listen to.  WKNC, 88.1 FM, the NC State University student run radio station, for the most part, offers a wide variety of music, focusing on NC "local" music and independent music, "indie" if you will.  I love this radio station.  I hate this radio station.  I listen to it almost constantly while I am in my studio making pots, with a few detours to the NC Central University radio station for some jazz, reggae, and world music, especially when there is a NCSU baseball game on.

I love music.  I love new music.  I love some local music.  and then sometimes, I hate.  These are my words.