Saturday, February 16, 2013

Covers, really?

From Friday, while I was getting ready to head to Raleigh, NC, to teach a workshop at Pullen Arts Center, on altering pots and approaches to ceramic surfaces.

The best:

Polvo, "Bombs Fall From Your Eyes"

Polvo, great band, from the golden days of 90's indie rock, doing what they do best

Not so great covers:

Cassis Orange, "Some Guys Have All The Luck"

So, a fairly decent cover, especially compared to the Museum Mouth one:

Museum Mouth, "Maps"

But, really, it seems artist would want to really reinterpret a song, which happens a little bit with Cassis Orange, but Museum Mouth, who can make some great music, really just redid a near perfect song, almost verbatim, but without the sensuality and feeling of the wonderous Karen O.

But nowhere near the horrendous decision of Stars to remake "This Charming Man", a perfect as perfect can be Smiths song, that suffers defilement at the hands of the Stars crew

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