Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mostly Mediocre, and Blinding Brilliance

The Best, golden and shining:

 Future Islands, Tin Man

This was the highlight of my day, even though I have heard it a thousand times, and love this band, their songs always catch me, make me stop, and listen.  And the video, Wow!  I'm pretty sure it's about the bands relocation from eastern NC to Baltimore, but I could be wrong.

The not so good:

So, most of the music was a little on the mediocre side, with some great moments here and there (Lonny Walker, Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies, Metric), but of all the mediocrity that annoyed me, not necessarily that i hated it, was this cute little song, that problems thousands loved:

Hafdis Huld, Robot, Robot

The problem, for me, is that Dresden Dolls, Coin Operated Boy, is a MUCH better and more interesting take on automated partners, that came out a few years before Ms. Huld's cuteness

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